Janeya Filzen

Project Director

Following an early passion for communication, she received her A.A. in Anthropology and B.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara in Cultural Linguistics. She started working as an editor in the academics, assisting students and professors alike; and then made the natural progression into the creative sector, working with artists, authors and publishers. She discovered that marketing and sales contained an exciting fusion of her passion for human nature and communication and has made marketing firms her “professional home” ever since.

Even more than the nitty gritty of being an editor, she enjoyed helping those with which she worked to smoothly progress through their various projects from start to finish. This capitalized on an innate sense of organization, detailed awareness, and love of communicating. It was through this evolution that she started managing projects in the marketing field.

Today, she works on the day-to-day management of dozens of active projects, ensuring the quality of DMC’s work is not compromised by errors or oversights. Her added role as quality assurance expert uses her skills in organization, systems, and details to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. DMC trusts her as one of the very last stages before delivering a perfected solution to clients.

When she’s not juggling projects with ease, she’s relaxing in the backyard with her husband, two daughters, and their two dogs in Saint Petersburg, FL.

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